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Project Teams

Is your Behavioral Safety project team effective? Many processes have produced stunning results, while others have failed. A key influence is the project team's commitment, focus, purpose and execution.

Many Behavioral Safety processes are introduced and run by trained project teams, either 2-4 full-time people or a part-time Steering Committee comprising between 7-12 representatives from various locations within a facility.

If they are 'on-the-ball' they can help smooth the path to dramatic injury reductions. If not ...!

Many processes run into problems because the Project Team are:

  • seen as a parallel safety committee whereby all the safety problems on site are their responsibility,
  • the only people involved in the Behavioral Safety process
  • going through the motions and manipulating the results for political reasons

In practice, any one of these reasons leads to a lack of genuine ‘buy-in’ to the process from facility personnel, where:

  • many observers do not conduct observations,
  • 'pencil-whipping' just to meet quotas becomes the 'order of the day'
  • personnel are not really involved in the process as they are never observed

In turn very little improvement is evident, either in observation scores, the number of corrective actions completed, or falling accident rates. In the first instance, overcoming such problems almost always requires a review of the project teams effectiveness.

The Assessment Process
We use a 'tried & tested' project team audit tool to review the project teams activities in relation to 'best practices. We use this as the basis to interview project team members and a representative sample of facility personnel. The findings from each group are drawn together and a 'gap analysis' conducted to highlight areas of agreement. Opportunites for change are also identified.

At the end of the assessment, we provide a written report and meet with the management team and project team to discuss findings and plan the way forward.

Next Move
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information on reviewing the effectiveness of your Behavioral Safety project team against best practice.