Safety Management System Audits


Is your Safety Management System (SMS) effective in actually guiding safety behavior? Most SMS audits focus solely on the presence and quality of documentation, rather than being concerned with its reach and day-to-day effectiveness.

We use three assessment criteria: [a] the presence of a system to control risks (i.e. documentation); [b] the levels of compliance to the system; and [c] potential severity of impact of non-compliance. The audit scores for each criterion are combined to produce an effectiveness score for each System Element audited, that in combination with Safety Surveys and Behavioral Safety scores can be used to produce a comprehensive Safety Culture Profile.

How you can benefit:
You will receive effective and relevant assessment from our highly qualified and trained Safety Professionals of your SMS that will highlight the positives and any opportunities for change. Should you desire, we also offer support throughout the development, implementation and maintenance of your SMS.

What is an SMS?
There are several Health & Safety Management Systems where the objective is to help companies control their HSE risks, that you can benchmark your company against, These include OHSAS 18001 and ILO 2000. Well developed and executed Safety Management Systems provide companies with a competitive edge because they reflect global consensus of good safety management practices.

We use a Safety Management System schematic based on scientific research into accident causation chains as the basis for developing, implementing and auditing. This approach reflects best practice and all current International Standards.

Why use external personnel?
Using our personnel can be beneficial to a company, as they share their knowledge and experience of the most up-to-date Health & Safety Management Systems with company personnel.

Next Move
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