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eSpectat® - Behavioral Safety Software

Focused feedback is the key to good Behavior-Based Safety performance in the workplace. e-Spectat®, our observation data management system comprising corrective action tracking, data analysis, and reporting enables you to easily track the Percent Safe scores of multiple locations, the volume of observations and the frequency of good & poor behaviors, by Company, Department, Work Area or Shift.

Using e-Spectat®, you’ll be able to

  • trend your observation data
  • identify the factors that promote or detract from people's ability to perform safely.
  • identify training needs or safety management system faults that require corrective action.
  • Increase your Return on Investment (RoI)

Software Features

  • A library of existing Behavioral checklists focused on:
  • Safety Behaviors;
  • Visible Ongoing Support Behaviors;
  • Managerial Safety Leadership Behaviors;
  • Weekly Safety Inspection Checklists.
  • Organization set-up to mirror your 'on site' BBS process
  • Develop your own behavioral checklists on any topic
  • Corrective Action tracking
  • Feedback Reports At Multiple Levels, such as:
    • Company
    • Departments
    • Shifts 
  • Export data into Excel spreadsheets
  • Enter and edit user permissions;

Technical Administration
Hosted on a very secure server, you own and manage the data. All that is required is access to the Internet. No software or data is stored on your companies servers. Thus your system administrators can do other things without having to worry about server space, permissions and all the other time consuming aspects associated with third party software!

Training Workshops
BSMS Inc can provide one-day workshops (on-site) to train your trainers how to use the data management software. This will enable participants to set-up the software, create behavioral checklists, analyze their data, and design and assess the impact of their interventions.

An annual subscription fee is charged for each individual site license. Discounts for multi-site Corporate Licensing are available. The greater the number of accounts required the greater the discount available!

Ask us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  about increasing the effectiveness of your Behavioral Safety process with eSpectat® software.