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Cultural Web - Focus Group Exercise

The financial benefits to be gained from assessing and improving your safety culture can be immense. It can lower incident and absenteeism rates, reduce insurance premiums, and help to improve productivity, quality & profitability.

As with most things in life the best way to assess your safety culture is to break the task down into smaller manageable chunks. The ‘Cultural Web' is a powerful diagnostic methodology, that prompts attendees to explore the way safety is currently being operationalized, with the results providing a basic understanding of your current safety culture.

The Cultural Web aims to help you discover ‘where you are now’ within seven elements. Revealing how safety is viewed by people in your company, the results may differ from expectations.

Constantly reinforcing people’s underlying assumptions about safety, these views guide people’s current safety behaviors.

The Cultural Web is then used as a prompt to identify any desired safety improvements by asking people where they want safety to be in your company. Once completed, attendees perform a gap analysis to identify ‘areas of opportunity’ and provide a clear picture of any specific safety factors requiring change.

Prioritising such changes, attendees identify the forces that work in favour of, as well as against, change, and then develop appropriate action plans.


While the Cultural Web topics give clues about the mechanisms for change (i.e. the how), there is a need to systematically identify the specific safety characteristics to change (i.e. the what). Adding value using our expertise, we use the known features of a broken safety culture features implicated in safety disasters and serious injuries & fatalities to structure the data

and use predictive analytics against the company's incident records to focus any strategic actions for best effect.


  • Identify current status of safety
  • Identify strengths and areas of opportunity
  • Know what you want to change
  • Identify barriers to progress
  • Develop action plans
  • Motivate your people to improve safety

Intended for companies striving to improve their safety performance, and reduce their incident costs.

Download a Cultural Web case study