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PEER® - Safety Leadership Software

Do you know if your Safety Leaders are effective? Be sure with PEER® .

PEER® is the world's first dedicated web-based Safety Leadership platform that provides quick access to enter safety observations, safety conversations and corrective actions. Obtain feedback reports for entire companies, or by specific locations.

Many companies are encouraging their management teams to become Safety Leaders by providing the appropriate training. For example, the Oil & Gas industry often requires staff to attend Advanced Safety Leadership courses to enhance their observation and communication skills. Often, despite the large investment, follow-up is lacking, which diminishes the potential impact. We are proud to have developed the solution to facilitate Safety Leadership effectiveness, by harnessing the power of the internet with our knowledge of developing Behavioral Safety Software.

Data-management is vital for your Safety Leadership Process to function effectively and exert its full impact. Offering single or multiple site solutions, we have made it possible for Safety Leaders to enter and record the results of their 'safety interactions' directly into PEER® without the need to complete paper records. This means you can now make full use of the potential of your Safety Leadership efforts to propel safety performance into the world class range. Download the PEER® Software brochure here.


Record Observations - Analyze Data - Take Action

  • Identify potential Serious Injuries and Fatalities (SIF's)
  • Centralized Database for site-wide or company-wide Safety Leadership Observation Processes
  • Roll-up the levels of reporting from work-areas to site-wide to companywide
  • Monitor behavioral observations and discussion topics over your chosen time periods
  • Record and track your corrective actions through to completion


Observations Data Management

  • Easy Data Entry
  • Data Entry by Observers and Administrators
  • Unlimited Comments Reporting
  • Print Feedback Reports

Management Activity

  • Track Management Involvement
  • Print Reports
  • Corrective Action Tracking
  • Corrective Action Due Dates Tracking

Trending (Company-Wide)

  • Percent Safe Score by Week
  • Consequence Management Scores By Week
  • Number of Observations Taken Over Time
  • Percent Corrective Action Rate
  • and More…

Trending (Site Level)

  • Cumulative Number of Safe Observations
  • Cumulative Number of UnSafe Observations
  • Cumulative Breakdown of Underlying Issues
  • Percent Safe Scores
  • Percentage Corrective Action Rate
  • Total Number of Observations
  • Percent of Expected Observations completed
  • and More…


  • 100% Web-Based
  • Designed for Single Site or Multiple Locations
  • Role-Based Security Access Management
  • The Software is Hosted, Managed, Upgraded, and Customer Support are Provided by B-Safe Management Solutions

Module Setup

  • Site Structures (Department Names, etc)
  • User Names & Passwords

Ask us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  about increasing the effectiveness of your Safety Leadership process with PEER® software.