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Explore Safety Culture Concepts

All men by nature desire knowledge (Aristotle)...

This section contains publications on Safety Culture. Just click on the links to download the article


Being Clear about Operational Risk - This article explores how a cultural approach can be applied to risk in the finance industry - The melt-down of 2009 could have been avoided if the approach had been widely applied as suggested back in 1999!

Conducting a Safety Survey - This article discusses the practicalities involved in developing, distributing and analysing a safety survey

Criterion-related validity of the cultural web when assessing safety culture - A field study in North America linking a safety culture assessment with a basket of safety indicators - 2019

Effective Safety Leadership - Published in Professional Safety, in Feb 2015, this article discusses the latest research on leadership types & styles and their impact on improving safety performance. A must read for all those who want to make a difference

Evidence From Safety Culture That Risk Perception is Culturally Determined - This article presents the results of numerous safety surveys and identifies the different 'frames of reference' of employees, managers and safety professionals risk perception.

Exploratory Analysis of the Safety Climate and Safety Behavior Relationship - This case study shows the relationship of safety survey topics to actual safety behavior. The Importance of Safety Training was the only topic shown to be predictive of people's safety behavior 'on-the-ground' on two occasions, 12 months apart.

Fully Engaging Employees to Create a Safety Partnership - This article outlines practical means to effectively involve employees in safety to improve safety performance. The article was presented at the SPE International Conference on Health, Safety, and Environment held in Long Beach, California, USA, 17–19 March 2014.

Goal-Setting for Safety - This article outlines how to make effective use of goal-setting to improve safety performance.

Human Factors in Accidents - This article examines the role of human factors in the quarrying industry, though the suggestions are universally applicable to all

Improving Safety Culture; A Practical Guide (Book). The book outlines practical strategies for developing and improving organizational safety culture

Measurement of Safety Climate: A Component Analysis - Outlines the measurement topics for safety surveys and their rationale.

Measuring and Improving Safety Culture - Brief overview of a Safety Culture model, outlining the case for its sound measurement.

Psychology, Risk & Safety - Examines the influences Personality has on at-risk behavior.

Report: Navigating the safety culture construct: a review of the evidence - July 2016. A Report presenting the findings of a review of the entire academic safety culture literature published since 1986 through June 2016. The aim was to provide industry with practical knowledge to stop process safety disasters and serious injuries and fatalities.

Risk Based Safety Cultures in Industry: Do you have one? - Article argues that a complete Risk Management system is required to eliminate major catastophes (e.g. Buncefield, Deepwater Horizon) and outlines the components.

Risk-weighted 'Safety Culture Profiling®' - Presents a 'real' Safety Culture Profile from an organization showing the ease of application and utility of the reciprocal Safety Culture model presented in 'Towards a Model of Safety Culture' (see below)

Safety Culture, Advice and Performance - Presents an IOSH research report from Cardiff University, Wales, examining the links between Safety Culture, Safety Advice and Safety Performance

Safety Culture: Understanding a Difficult Concept - presents an article on the reciprocal Safety Culture model from a practitioners perspective, rather than an academic perspective.

Surfacing Your Safety Culture - Shows strategy and data for the development of the Safety Culture Profiling® method that is the link between the articles 'Towards a Model of Safety Culture' and "Risk-weighted Safety Culture Profiling'. Ties the Safety Culture concept and methods to accident causation and Safety Management System models.

The efficacy of industrial safety science constructs for addressing serious injuries & fatalities (SIFs) - Examines Britain's national safety statistics to discover which safety science concepts have led to injury reductions to provide focus on the reduction of serious injuries & fatalities - 2019

The Emperor has no clothes: A critique of Safety-II - Explores the differences between traditional Safety-1 Versus Safety-II approaches (Resilience Engineering, Safety Differently, and Human & Organizational Performance (HOP), concluding that these are all simply presenting unsubstantiated propositions that are not supported by the academic literature.

There is More to Safety Than Avoiding Unplanned Costs - Examines the link between safety and productivity in the construction industry.

Towards a Model of Safety Culture - presents a theoretical framework to facilitate research on the concept of Safety Culture. Well received, this work has been used around the world in numerous industries and in many academic endeavours.

Treating Safety as a Value - This article examines what 'safety as a value' means and suggests strategies to 'bring the concept to life'.

Working at Heights: A Psychological Perspective - Explores people's fear of heights and how that may be a causal factor in workplace incidents involving falls.